coatmaster 3D

Model Number: coatmaster 3D

Fast measurement of coating thickness distribution on whole components.
Scalable measurement area
Even for geometrically complex parts
Low integration costs

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INDUSTRY: Paint & Powder Coating Industry

APPLICATION: Coating Inspection

Case Dimension: .

Technical data :-
Powder coatings before curing 1 – 2000 µm
Measurement time 0.5s
Measurement area frei skalierbar
Pixels per measurement 382 x 288
Distance tolerance1 10 – 120 cm
Tilt Tolerance1 ± 70°
Relative standard deviation2 < 2%
Measurement on moving parts yes
Functions on all colors (including white) yes
Automated data export yes
1 Depending on coating and substrate material
2 60 µm powder coating before curing (all colors incl. white) on aluminium, 5 cm working distance


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