Brightness Measuring Instrument TINT TESTER

Model Number: 527

Tinting Strength Determination.

The TINT TESTER 527, has been developed especially for brightness measurement of dark,
uncured coatings such as paste pigment applications on flat surfaces, to determine the tinting strength
according to ASTM D 3265 and ASTM D 2745. Besides this special application, the instrument can
also be used as a standard reflection photometer to measure the brightness of solid substrates (coatings,
paper, plastics, etc.) according to ASTM E 97.

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INDUSTRY: Coating Industry - Powder, Paint, ED Paint

APPLICATION: Coating Inspection

The TINT TESTER 527 consists of a stationary, mains driven power supply and display unit (with digital
display for a range from 0-199.99) and the portable TINT SENSOR Y degree of resolution.
The TINT Sensor incorporates the 45°/0° worldwide standardized measuring geometry with light source C
illumination. The spectral response of the light sensing photocell is corrected with an especially selected Yfilter so that the measuring values correspond with the brightness sensitivity of the CIE-2°-standard observer.
An adjusted and optimized lens system is part of the light transmitting and sensing optics to guarantee
homogenous illumination of the specimen surface as well as a defined reception of the remitted light.
Because of this, the results of measurement are highly reproducible, free of drift and according to


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