Polyken™ Probe Tack (PT-1000)

Model Number: PT-1000

The Polyken™ Probe Tack from ChemInstruments makes it easy to measure the tack of pressure sensitive adhesives. A precision ground 5.0 mm diameter flat probe contacts the adhesive, reverses direction and pulls away from the adhesive. The maximum force required to break the adhesive bond is recorded and displayed.

The Polyken™ Probe Tack adhesive testing machine meets the standards set forth in ASTM D2979. Machine speed is 24 ipm (61 cpm), probe diameter of 5 mm and an annular ring weight that applies 9.79 +/-0.10 kPa of force. An automatic test cycle produces a 1 second dwell time from the beginning of contact to the end of contact.

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APPLICATION: Adhesive Testing

-Model : PT-1000
-Rugged construction, capable of withstanding the abuse of the production environment
-Single speed motion utilizes a cam design for consistent and repeatable testing
-Easy sample setup makes testing quick and consistent
-5 pound load cell is included with the machine
-Simple one-touch operation delivers information quickly and easily
-Operating temperature range 32° - 150° F (0° - 70° C)
-Capable of stand-alone operation with integrated digital display
-Data can be downloaded to EZ-Lab software for complete data management
-Accurate to ± 0.1% of load cell range
-Capable of pulling up to 5 pounds (2.5 Kg)
-Standard input voltage - 120 VAC (60 Hz)


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