Loop Tack Tester (LT-1000)

Model Number: LT-1000

Quickly and efficiently determine the tack or "grab" of an adhesive with the ChemInstruments Loop Tack Tester. This compact tack testing machine meets the ASTM and TLMI specification.

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APPLICATION: Adhesive Testing

-Model : LT-1000
-Rugged construction, capable of withstanding the abuse of the production environment
-Single speed motion utilizes a cam design for consistent and repeatable testing
-Easy sample setup using a removable grip makes testing quick and consistent
-10 pound load cell is included with the machine
-Simple one-touch operation delivers information quickly and easily
-Operating temperature range 32° - 150° F (0° - 70° C)
-Capable of stand-alone operation with integrated digital display
-Data can be downloaded to EZ-Lab software for complete data management
-Accurate to ± 0.1% of load cell range
-Standard input voltage - 120 VAC (60 Hz)


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