Contact Angle Meter (CAM-PLUS)

Model Number: CAM-PLUS

Reliable surface energy measurement and a number of easy-to-use features make the ChemInstruments CAM-Plus contact angle meter an ideal testing machine. A patented "half angle" measurement method eliminates the difficulties associated with tangent angle measurement methods.
With simple, reliable and consistent functions, coating operations of all types can quickly determine surface energy measurements.

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APPLICATION: Adhesive Testing

-Easy "half angle" determination
-Operator independent consistent measurements
-Dyne level readings from 10 to 70
-Simple finite liquid dispensing that employs delicate liquid placement (sessile drop)
-Bright, clear image on a large screen for display
-A remote light source keeps heat away from the sample
-Platform configurations for small samples, films, printed circuit boards (PCB), plastic ball grip array (PBGAs), round samples (spherical and tubular)
-Standard input voltage - 120 VAC (60 Hz)


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