Adhesion/Release Testing Machine (AR-2000)

Model Number: AR-2000

The most versatile peel tester on the market, the ChemInstruments Adhesion/Release testing machine with digital display is designed to perform PSTC, ASTM, TLMI, FINAT, and AFERA adhesion and release testing procedures.

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APPLICATION: Adhesive Testing

-Model : AR-2000
-Rugged construction, capable of withstanding the abuse of the production environment
-Digital speed control
-Selectable speed range from 1 to 1200 ipm (3-3048 cpm)
-Test angle is selectable between 90° and 180°
-One load cell is included with the machine (2, 5, 10, or 25 pound capacities available)
-Capable of pulling up to 25 lb (12 kg) (dependent on selected lower speeds)
-Accurate to +/-0.1% of load cell range
-Test samples as short as 1/2” to as long as 12” (12-305 mm)
-Operating temperature range: 32°-150° F (0°-70° C)
-Capable of stand-alone operation with integrated touch screen display
-Data can be downloaded to EZ Data software for complete data management
-5.7 inch touch screen display
-Standard input voltage – 120 VAC (60 Hz)


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