PosiTector® 6000 Coating Thickness Gauge

Coating Thickness Gages for ALL Metal Substrates

  • Rugged, fully electronic coating thickness gauges use magnetic and eddy...
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Coating Thickness Gages for ALL Metal Substrates

  • Rhopoint portable precision glossmeter for production and laboratory. suitable for...
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About Khushboo Scientific

KHUSHBOO SCIENTIFIC PVT LTD is a leading importer, distributor, exporter, stockist of scientific & laboratory testing instruments mainly used for Quality Control (QC), R&D of Paint & Powder Coating, Corrosion, Surface, Printing Ink, Packaging, Plastic, Paper, Rubber, Sheet metal & Material Testing, Oil/Petroleum, Chemical, Pharmaceutical. Our exhaustive range of products concern most of the "high-end" industries, R&D/QC Labs, Research Institutes.

We have been tirelessly serving the extensive field of Science & Industry since 1981.

An internationally recognized business house with an enormous, worldwide customer base; at KHUSHBOO, our motto is "Providing the best available in the world, to the World." May it be products, or the services or the latest technology.

Our various departments work on different fields and these departments consist of well-trained and efficient personnel who have played an integral role in taking "KHUSHBOO" to such heights and continue to fulfill our sky-reaching desires.