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Model Number: VF8700

TQC Machu test, accelerated corrosion test on test panels and construction parts according to Qualicoat specifications.

The test is made in a warm environment. To create this environment the test panels are placed in the plastic container, which is placed in the Machu Test Bath.

The test panels need to be scratched crosswise with a 1mm cutting tool before placing them in the warm moisture test chamber. The fluid content, temperature and remain time are specified.

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APPLICATION: Corrosion Testing

-Model : VF8700
-Dimensions Bath : 302x240x150 Mm / 11.89×9.45×5.91 Inch
-External Dimensions : 338x280x260 Mm / 13.31×11.02×10.24 Inch
-Capacity : 11 L
-Heater : 1.2 Kw
-Temperature Range : Ambient + 5ºc Tot 100ºc / Ambient + 41ºf Tot 212ºf
-Temperature Accuracy : +/- 0.1ºc / +/- 0.18ºf
-Controller : Digital Fuzzy Controller With Jog-Shuttle Knob
-Display : Illuminated Lcd
-Timer : 99 Hr 59 Min For Turn-Off And -On Delay
-Safety Device : Over Temperature And Over Current Protector, Sensor Control
-Sensor : Pt100
-Power : 220 – 230vac / 50 – 60hz

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