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Corrosion Testing Apparatus (606/1000-Basic)

Model Number: 606/1000-Basic

Corrosion Testing Apparatus, compact design, to carry out different salt spray and condensate water tests, consisting of:
test chamber with 400 l test chamber volume in rectangular design, made of impact resistant eco-friendly polypropylene material,
integrated control unit,
manual dome opening,
dosing pump for optimum setting for the salt solution to be sprayed,
storage tank for approx. 90 l salt solution,
the necessary regulating and control instruments for temperature monitoring in the test chamber, the temperature of the humidifier, the spray pressure and the duration of the test,
3 specimen holder for weathering panels
2 condensate receptacle.
The test apparatus ready for operation; design in accordance with Technical Leaflet 606-Basic.

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INDUSTRY: Paint & Powder Coating Industry

APPLICATION: Corrosion Testing

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