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These different TQC tapes are suitable for carrying out various tests such as the adhesion-cross cut test, the dust test, the surface roughness test with the so-called Testex films, coarse or X-coarse and tapes for curvex temperature tests.

The various tapes are specified according to standards in the item description. Tape material varies by application of the test.

The tape according to EN ISO 2409:2003, Polyester are individually or in sets of 3 to order.

The tape according to EN ISO 2409:1999, Glass-reinforced can be ordered on a roll of 10 meters or a roll of 50 meters.

The dust test tape to BS EN ISO 8502-3, Polyester which is supplied in the TQC SP3200 kit is ordered separately.

For rough surface testing the ASTM D4541 – 09e1 Standard Test Method for Pull-Off Strength of Coatings Using Portable Adhesion Testers, Testex tapes can be ordered in types x-coarse and coarse.

Tape for the open-wire temperature sensors used in the TQC Curvex temperature data logger system, “Reel glass tape” CX2200 is a roll of tape 19mm width, length 33 meters and is suitable for temperatures up to about 265°C"

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APPLICATION: Coating Inspection

-Model : SP3209
-Standards : ISO 2409, TOCT 15140

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