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PosiTector® 6000 Coating Thickness Gauge (Advance)-Ferrous (FKS3)

Model Number: FKS3

Coating Thickness Gages for ALL Metal Substrates Rugged, fully electronic coating thickness gauges use magnetic and eddy current principles to measure coating thickness on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, accurately and quickly
-Ready to measure – no calibration adjustment required for most applications
-Solvent, acid, oil, water, and dust resistant – weatherproof
-Wear resistant ruby probe tip, for long-lasting calibration
-PosiTector interchangeable platform – attach any PosiTector probe to a single gage body
-USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity to PosiSoft PC, Mac, and Smartphone software

Qty :

INDUSTRY: Paint & Powder Coating Industry

APPLICATION: Coating Inspection

-Model : FKS3
-Accuracy : ± (1 mil + 3%)[± (0.02 mm + 3%)]
-Measurement Range : 0 - 500 mils (0 - 13 mm)

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