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NIPRI Gauge (Ink Gage)

Model Number: 343242 G-1-440C

Range : 0-20 Micron
Nipri : 0-10

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INDUSTRY: Paint & Powder Coating Industry

APPLICATION: Coating Inspection

RANGE: 0 - 25 Micron

The reliable, easy-to-use NIPRI Production Grindometer measures mill performance to decrease the inkmaker's labor costs, capital investment and power requirements.

The Grindometer consists of a machined block, grooved for sample ink, and an A-1 Scraper for draw down. Grooves are one inch wide and 25 micron deep at the top. The tapered paths are graduated from one to ten according to depth, in ten thousands of an inch increments. The A-1 scraper has two edges which are rounded to a 15 mil radius - rounded edges increase wear life compared to a sharp edge by reducing the effect of operators using varying blade angles.

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