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Cupping and Deep-drawing Cup Test Machine (212)

Model Number: 212

For testing lacquers and paints of all kinds for elasticity and adhesive quality using the Erichsen Cupping Test in conformity with:
DIN EN ISO 1520,
ISO 1520,
BS 3900:Part E4,
NF T 30-019,
SIS 18 41 77
and deep drawing cup test.
Matched test tools permit automatic sequence of operations:
pressing the test piece, cutting the blank, exerting the sheet holder pressure, deep drawing, sheet holder pressure release, stripping of cup, return of punch to initial position and switch-off of machine. The testing machine including one test tool according to DIN EN ISO 1520.
The quantity required of hydraulic oil (50 l), type HLP 32 in accordance with DIN 51 524-P2, must be provided by the user.

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INDUSTRY: Paint & Powder Coating Industry

APPLICATION: Coating Inspection

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