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Model Number: SP3100

The TQC Adhesion Test Kit (HPK) is a method developed in the Netherlands by FOSAG and SKH. This method determines the adhesion of new and old paint layers on wood and wood like materials. The damage on the substrate will be reduced to a minimum. The adhesion is judged by comparing the removed paint on the tape and the remaining paint on the wood. Finally illustrations are used for classifying the damage from class 0 to 5.

Delivery includes cutting tool and also tape.

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APPLICATION: Coating Inspection

-Model : SP3100
-DIMENSIONS : 100×55 mm / 3.9×2.2 inch
-RANGE : Edge radius 2, 3, 4 & 5 mm, Film applicator (0-180µm, in steps of 20µm), Levelling test (1, 1.5 & 2 mm), Wet 50-160µm, in steps of 10µm
-MATERIAL : Stainless Steel

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